IF E-mail Newsletter - 2003
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Jan 24, 2003:   Major changes to channel partner program in 2003 
Jan 31, 2003:  Retail Category Management: A win-win for channel principals and partners? 
Feb 07, 2003:  Dell delves into retail marketing channel 
Feb 14, 2003:  Cisco’s new marketing channel targets small-to-medium sized businesses 
Feb 21, 2003:  The challenge of integrating multiple marketing channels 
Feb 28, 2003:  Esso and franchise-owners’ cat fight goes to court 
Mar 07, 2003:  Free franchise response to growing competition 
Mar 14, 2003:  Changes to marketing channel program mean rebates for some 
Mar 21, 2003:  Virgin’s dispute with partner ends in court 
Mar 28, 2003:  Businesses make surprising discovery 
Apr 04, 2003:  Can record companies face the music? 
Apr 11, 2003:  Milk, bread, potatoes and insurance 
Apr 17, 2003:  RAMS to franchise loans in drive for growth 
Apr 24, 2003:  Distributors accused of sleeping on the job 
May 02, 2003:  Apple aims to stem music industry rot 
May 09, 2003:  Overseas franchise opportunities abound 
May 16, 2003:  Airline shuffles marketing channels 
May 23, 2003:  Channel partners cut out of the loop 
May 30, 2003:  ING banking on direct success in UK 
Jun 06, 2003:  Manufacturers mess up marketing channel strategy 
Jun 13, 2003:  Franchise scheme travels back in time 
Jun 20, 2003:  Lessons should be learnt before entering international markets 
Jun 27, 2003:  Telecom companies race to franchise Internet bars 
July 11, 2003:  Beer partnership dispute comes to a head 
July 18, 2003:  Franchise model key to success in SME e-business market 
July 25, 2003:  A marketing channel strategy that’s making dough 
Aug 01, 2003:  Channels next challenge for wine in a can 
Aug 08, 2003:  The Revival and Revolution of a Second-hand Business 
Aug 15, 2003:  Lloyds banking on utilities 
Aug 22, 2003:  Cultural crossover: In search of a successful recipe 
Aug 29, 2003:  The Challenges of the Internet Channel in China 
Sept 05, 2003:  Companies tackle self-serving needs 
Sept 12, 2003:  Channel Partners offered logistical carrot 
Sept 19, 2003:  Deal with channel partners keeps the wheels turning 
Sept 26, 2003:  Strategy changes worry channel partners 
Oct 03, 2003:  When franchisors fail their franchisees 
Oct 10, 2003:  Using marketing channel strategy to fend off digital pirates 
Oct 17, 2003:  Looking at unconventional channels to market 
Oct 24, 2003:  Would you like a wireless connection with that? 
Oct 31, 2003:  Unhappy franchisees take legal action 
Nov 14, 2003:  Brazilian franchisees flipping mad 
Nov 28, 2003:  Callers prompt marketing channel recall 
Dec 07, 2003:  Diversifying the franchise portfolio 
Dec 12, 2003:  Thank God it’s a clever marketing channel 
Dec 19, 2003:  Fast-food firm flips fortunes for franchisees 
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