IF E-mail Newsletter - 2004

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Jan 23, 2004:  The cost of taking eyes off the fries 
Jan 30, 2004:  A maturing Marketing Channel: Where talkís cheap, but effective 
Feb 06, 2004: Targeting marketing channel partners with pull 
Feb 13, 2004: Supplier drives hard to improve marketing channel partner relationships 
Feb 20, 2004: The pros and cons of a borderless channel 
Feb 27, 2004: Franchise the reward for a decadeís work 
Mar 05, 2004: Rent-by-mail service: A blockbusting channel? 
Mar 12, 2004: Please sir, can I have some more distribution channels? 
Mar 19, 2004: Changes afoot for software giantís marketing channels 
Mar 26, 2004: Four channel programs become one 
Apr 02, 2004: The next big thing in India 
Apr 08, 2004: Postal service delivers more marketing channels 
Apr 16, 2004: Playing cards with the banks
Apr 23, 2004: Bigger not always the best
Apr 30, 2004: Mega-dealers: Putting the brakes on growth
May 07, 2004: Marketing channels change as media landscape shifts
May 28, 2004: Will closing Gateway stop retailers from bolting?
June 04, 2004: When companies crash their own party
June 11, 2004: Effective channel strategy insures the market
June 18, 2004: The future of an American giant
July 02, 2004: Online channel creates middlemen
July 09, 2004: Marketing channel issue a grey area
July 16, 2004: Fuel company steps on the gas in Singapore
July 30, 2004: Room at the inn, but it's somebody else's
Aug 06, 2004: Franchising opportunities abound in Middle East
Aug 13, 2004: Franchising in the Big Leagues
Aug 20, 2004: Three little letters set to make a big impact
Aug 27, 2004: Innovative channel strategy set to attract the gourmet set
Sept 3, 2004: IBMís ďAtkinís PlanĒ revealed
Sept 17, 2004: The efficiency and evolution of marketing channels
Sept 24, 2004: Retail giant deliberates outsourcing online channel
Oct 1, 2004: Banking on customers a clear winner
Oct 8, 2004: Franchising resurgence down under
Oct 15, 2004: Battle looms over plastic promises
Oct 22, 2004: Fast-food franchise flips its fortunes
Oct 29, 2004: Law call for franchising development
Nov 5, 2004: Expanding marketing channels across the channel
Nov 12, 2004: Discounts fuel a furore
Nov 19, 2004: Channel migration not always smooth
Nov 26, 2004: No free ride for channel partners
Dec 3, 2004: Deal appeals to world's largest franchisor
Dec 10, 2004: Dell's latest big deal
Dec 17, 2004: 'Tis the season to be online
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