IF View - Issue NV-1

IF only we could capture our business’ true essence and heritage and evolve our identity into the new millennium…

Marketing Channel Strategy Consultants

Regular IF View readers will be aware that IF View has always focused on marketing channel strategy issues, making a point never to talk about IF Consulting.

However, this is a new millennium and IF has entered its fourth decade, so we implore your indulgence just this once.

We have commissioned Cato Partners, one of the World’s leading graphic designers, to create a new corporate image for IF and this View embodies some of our new design.

In union with our new design, we’d like to utilise this issue to introduce a new view, to tell you where we’ve been since 1969 and where we hope to be over the next 30 years.

IF Consulting was founded by Howard Bellin as a single person franchise consulting company in Melbourne, Australia in 1969. Over the years, IF realised that there was much more to distribution than franchising, and has developed an extensive resource and knowledge in all types of distribution channels.

Today, IF is a niche consulting company in marketing channel strategy. We advise our clients, primarily Fortune 500 sized companies, on how to achieve low cost distribution with maximum control and market coverage.

To date, we have worked in over 70 industries in more than 40 countries on 5 continents and we’re still expanding. We presently have offices in Boston, Melbourne, London and São Paulo, with representation in Hong Kong and Italy. We plan to expand into Argentina and Scandinavia and open new offices in Chicago and the West Coast of the USA.

We are constantly developing tools unique to IF. Our KnowledgeBank is a resource of IF Consulting intellectual property and methodologies, international case studies, literature and general information on marketing channel and distribution strategies. Our proprietary analytical and developmental tools utilise leading technology and include:

Marketing Channel Health Checks,
Capital Based Incentive Programs,
International Market Entry Strategy,
E-commerce Strategy,
Activity Based Marketing Channel Costing Analyses.

Our goal is, first and foremost, to continually serve our clients better and to ensure that our simple and demanding vision…

"That every client recommends IF Consulting"

is a reality.

We are working very hard to create a professional staff of extensive diversity so that we can better serve our clients worldwide. We are totally committed to remaining niche consultants, convinced that we best serve our clients through remaining specialists and continually upgrading our marketing channel strategy knowledge worldwide.

Most importantly, we know that our success and growth is entirely dependent on successful implementation of our recommendations. We know that we fail as consultants when our recommendations aren’t implemented. So fervent is our belief in successful implementation that we guarantee to stay with any client who believes that inability to implement is due to some failing on our part.

Our goal is to become the World’s most respected marketing channel strategy consulting organisation - because of our integrity, knowledge, ability and, most importantly, through delivering implementable results.

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