IF View No 06:
Pricing in the Distribution Channel
IF View No 07:
Distribution Density Planning
IF View No 08:
Best in Class Channel Marketing
IF View No 09:
The Price Cutting Problem for Market Leaders
IF View No 10:
Channel Partners - What are the Options?
IF View No 11:
Controlling Marketing Channels
IF View No 12:
Commitment Versus Campaign
IF View No 13:
Branding and Marketing Channel Strategies
IF View No 14:
Australian Franchising - "Trap for the Trusting"
IF View No 15:
Key Influencers in Marketing Channel Strategies
IF View No 16:
Reseller Loyalty
IF View No 17:
Competitor Evaluation in Marketing Channels Strategies
IF View No 19: Channel Partner Agreements
IF View No 20:
Channel Alignment and the Market Oriented Firm
IF View No 21:
Designing a Truly Market-Driven Distribution System
IF View No 22:
A National Public as a Marketing Channel
IF View No 23:
Marketing Channel Cost Factors
IF View No 24:
How Healthy Are Your Marketing Channels?
IF View No 25:
Optimising Channel Profitability
IF View No 26:
Marketing Channel Tools
IF View No 27:
Improving Channel Relationships
IF View No 28:
Marketing Channel Issues
IF View No 29:
E-Commerce - Myths, Traps and Opportunities
IF View No 30:
 The Reseller Spectrum - How Much Control is Needed?
IF View No 31:
  I.T. Systems as a Marketing Channel Strategy Enabler 
IF View No 32: The Electronic Tie That Binds - Channel Partner Commitment 
IF View NV-01: Our New Identity 
IF View NV-02: Marketing Channel Conflict
IF View NV-03: Problems and Promises of B2B: Why the product won't live up to its promise
IF View NV-04: The Re-Emeregence of Direct Distribution 
IF View NV-05: Tips for finding the best channel partners 
IF View NV-06: Improving marketing channel effectiveness through GIS STAR methodology